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By now you’ve probably read all about becoming an Agent with All Ironed Out, if you haven’t, please take a look here first. If you have, please read on…

As with any new opportunity, you’ll have a multitude of questions, you’ll do your research and make a decision based on how you ‘feel’ about the opportunity. We welcome this approach.

Many of our existing agents had a chat with us prior to joining. Some of the questions we get asked are, ‘how long before we get bookings?’, or ‘what happens if I don’t get any bookings, do I still need to pay the monthly fee?’ or ‘do I need any training?’. We can answer all of these questions, and many more. For a quick run down of the commonly asked questions, take a look at our Agent FAQ’s here.

Lets give you some examples or real life case studies, based on the experiences of our existing agents.

An agent in Witham, Essex has been with us for a couple of years. She currently has 52 customers and has on average, 5 bookings a week. Her average customer spends £40.00 per booking. She has reached her workload capacity, so has opted not to take on any new clients. She works another job aswell, so her time is limited. Our system allows for flexibility, so if you are already working, we can work with that. We won’t inundate you with work if you can’t manage it.

An agent in Wiltshire already runs a cleaning company and wanted an easy ‘bolt on’ ironing service to offer to their clients. We were happy to work with them and this has been a great partnership for several years now. They have 70+ customers, have taken care of 200+ bookings with an average customer spend of £45.00. Customers use them weekly, fortnightly and monthly so they can effectively manage their staffing requirements as and when needed.

An agent in Swansea has 25 customers, has collected 106 bookings and has even recruited ironers to work alongside her. Although this area is not yet working at full capacity, we’re seeing steady growth as more and more customers spread the word.

Earnings potential...

As a guide, here is a chart of potential earnings based on numbers of bookings and an average booking value of £37.50. Earnings can vary and we cannot guarantee exact earnings in every instance. Please use this chart as a guide.

Bookings p/wkAverage QuantityWeekly earnings

Some agents initially don’t see many bookings, this can be for a number of reasons. However, we work with them to understand the area they’re in, local competitors and the demographics of the population. We will pause or even cancel any future monthly fees if we are struggling to establish our service in their area. We’re flexible, transparent, and above all approachable with ideas. We’re not a corporate giant, we’re a friendly, family run business who understand what its like to start a business, manage a family, making ends meet, etc. So, if you want to work with us and you’re worried about the monthly costs, just have a chat to us and we’ll work something out.

So, I hope that’s been helpful to you. If you’re ready to join, great – click here to complete the application form. If you have some questions or want to have a chat with a real person, then give us a call on 0333 444 1850 (calls are charged at local rate and count towards your included free calls if calling from your mobile).





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