It’s been a while…

So, my plan to keep this blog up to date went out of the window! I mean, how can I find the time to write a few words every day? If only I had more time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all said that at some point haven’t we? You know, that gym membership, it started well, but, you know… something else came up. Or, I’ll do it tomorrow… my kids have learnt this saying already! Tidy your room, feed the rabbit, put your dirty clothes where they go. I’ll do it later. Any time but right now. Blah, blah, blah.

If only I could save time, I might just be able to update this blog, go for a run, get on my bike, tackle the ironing pile. OK, only kidding with the ironing, as if!

I will try harder to manage my time, I just need an extra 2-3 hrs a day. Like everyone else.

In the meantime, expect me to write a blog now and again, not every day, but often enough to remember I had good intentions to start with.

Any thoughts? Do you concur? Let me know!



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