About us…

All Ironed Out, Est. 2004.
The service was launched in a small village in Bedfordshire and has now grown to cover many other areas of the UK. Our Agents are conscientious, flexible and professionally trained ironers who are equally passionate about our service as we are. So, whether you live in South London or South Wales, the ironing standard, the customer service and the philosophy driving All Ironed Out will always be the same.

We recruit people who need to work flexible hours around their family life – hugely important to us. Our customers lead busy lives, so our service helps them to spend more time with their family and friends. Philosophy of our business: to help as many people as possible enjoy a happier work-life balance.

We’re passionate about service…
We love ironing and also providing excellent customer service to our clients. Our team has grown enormously and we work harder to save time for busy people – like you! All Ironed Out was borne out of a need to spend more time at home with our family. This is very important to us and we ensure that all our employees can work hours which don’t interfere with their own family life. They’re our most valuable asset.

Our Ironers and Agents…
We employ only the very best ironers and our ironing standard is checked by independent experts regularly. We provide an ironing manual to staff who have never ironed professionally before – and train them to achieve high standards from the start. We have clients from many walks of life: Pilots, Military Personnel, Doctors, Lawyers and many more. Whatever our clients do, they’re busy professional people and our service is designed to work around their hectic lifestyles. Our ironing standards needs to satisfy the most demanding professionals! Our army of agents operate all over the UK and they are all passionate about delivering the highest standard of ironing you will find anywhere.

Why Ironing?
The demands placed upon us at work are now even greater than ever. With longer working weeks and the many hours we spend travelling to and fro – spare time is a luxury which we should all be able to enjoy. On average, a small family creates an ironing pile every week which takes between 2 and 5 hours to iron. You could be having a meal out, watching a film or visiting friends down the local pub during that time.

Who needs us?
We cater for anyone who needs a quality ironing service. That’ll be everybody then! We save you time so you can enjoy more of life. We can do one-off collections, regular weekly bookings or whatever suits you best.

Some things worth mentioning…

  • We take our work VERY seriously
  • We ALWAYS aim to provide excellent customer service
  • We work when you don’t so we can pickup & return your ironing when it’s convenient for you.
  • We operate our business in a smoke free environment
  • Our ironers are highly skilled and perfectionists!.
  • We inspect all ironing before it leaves our premises.
  • We have FULL public and employers liability insurance

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