Yes, We CAN

I often ask myself this question, ‘where are we going?’

Our business dictates our lifestyle. So the way our business moves, grows and diversifies has a direct impact on our life. This isn’t a ‘lifestyle business’, its got a purpose, a mission, a big plan. That is where we are going. Every day we work towards our big idea…

Our typical day is spent…

  • Recruiting more partners
  • Finding new customers
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving our SEO
  • Social media interactions
  • Customer retention marketing

Its not a structured plan, but its a plan. Don’t you find that something’s ‘just happen’ and you have┬áto run with it? The core strategy is the same, how we get there differs from day to day.

Some days we spend more time finding customers, other days we crack on with SEO. As long as we spend time on each area of our business, we’ll surely succeed. Right?

Wrong. Its all about the customer. New ones, old ones. Its all the same, without them we are nothing. So where are we going? To find more and more customers. With this in mind, our focus becomes clear and the other parts of operating our business will fall into place. With more customers, we generate more revenue, with more revenue, we invest more in marketing, with more marketing we recruit more partners. Its all linked. So, its all starts with the customer.

We have about 5000 customers, but where we’re going, we need more. Much more. Our aim is 10,000 within 18 months. Can we do it? Hell yeah.

You might be thinking ‘you’re just an ironing company’ and you’d be right, a humble business delivering a useful service. Why shouldn’t we ‘think big’. Why be just another ironing business. Why not see if we can be THE ironing business. That’s where we’re going. If we fail, hey, never mind. There is no failure in trying. If we succeed, its all good.



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