Onwards, upwards and… sideways

So, you’re in business and you sell products – its easy to ship to anywhere in the world and you can fulfil orders fast using a multitude of cost effective shipping methods. The customer gets the product they want, wherever they want it. But what about if you’re offering a service? How do you fulfil the needs of the customer in areas that you don’t operate?

We were faced with this dilemma: do we just keep things nice and steady and service our local region, by that I mean the two counties we launched in: Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, or do we ‘branch out’ to other areas?

Well, our hand was forced by customer enquiries. We’d get calls from people in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, etc. on a daily basis. ‘Do we cover the so and so area…’, ‘When will you be operating in…’ common questions we were asked and our response was simple: if we can’t help you directly, we’ll find someone who could.

So, we’d take the customer details, do a quick Google search and find a local ironing service. We’d┬ácontact them and GIVE them the customer details. How noble, you might be thinking? Well, we believe in helping anyone we can! However, there are only so many calls you can make to ‘competitors’ with free business leads, that you start to think ‘is there another way we could partner with these competitors and capitalise on this’. After all, business is about making money (amongst many other things!) isn’t it?

So, we started building partnerships with ironing companies across the UK. We treated them as partners and not competitors – after all, we’d be helping them grow their business and at the same time expanding our own. Partnering with ironing companies is a no-brainer. They already have the infrastructure in place: staff, equipment, transportation. They know what they’re doing. They know the industry and they have experience of delivering a great service. Ideal.

We’re recruiting more and more partners across the UK – our coverage is growing day by day!

If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at what it involves and how to be part of it here



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