Panic! We’ve got too much ironing!

Within 2 weeks of launching All Ironed Out, we learnt that a lot of people hated ironing or were just too busy to do it themselves.
We were getting new customers every day, most from our leaflet drops, some from word of mouth and the website was starting to get results too.
Louise was ironing 12 hours a day within 6 weeks of launching the business!

Phil collected and delivered the ironing in the evenings, we had a Vauxhall Omega saloon car, not the most practical for transporting ironing
but we manage to get by. With a shower pole strung between the rear seats, we improvised a garment rail for the hanging stuff. Initially Phil would go out for about an hour or so, do his round then come home. Louise would still be ironing, whilst watching TV!

However, things were starting to get a wee bit too busy for Louise. Our dining room doubled as the ironing room and we soon had more black bags of ironing arriving on a daily basis. One day Louise was in tears as she had so much ironing, she was ironing from 6am until midnight so we could return the ironing when the customer needed it. Phil was now doing 3 or 4 trips a night as he had to keep coming back to fill up the car.

Something had to be done. And fast.

We couldn’t keep going like this, we needed help. Ironers. Professional ones.
So, with about 40 customers in hand, we started advertising for ironers… not an easy task when you are really particular about the ironing standards. Louise vetted each ironer rigorously and for every 20 ironers we interviewed, we only recruited 1. Our policy on recruitment was simple: our ironers had to be non-smokers in a non-smoking environment who could iron to a really high standard.

So, with a few new staff members on board we were ready for the next stage: Advertising.

How did we do this? Its in our next post…



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