Where it all began…

Lets start by telling you who we are – we’re a husband and wife team, Phil and Louise.
We have four children (+ 4 rabbits and a puppy), live on a farm, and we homeschool our children.

Back in 2004, Louise was working as a nanny whilst Phil was trying to grow his web design business.
We both worked long hours, and like many families, we made ends meet, just. Then, without notice,
Louise lost her job as a nanny (the family were moving away) which left us in a vulnerable financial position.

Louise had always thought about starting her own business, and ironing was something she was good at – and loved!
After chatting about this idea, we decided to go for it. This was a Thursday.

So, on the Friday, we got busy. Phil put together our first website, designed some leaflets and printed 500 on our cheap old printer.
The village we lived in had about 300 homes, so this was where we started. With the help of our only child at the time, we traipsed around the village
posting leaflets, if I remember it right – we ended up in the pub at some point!

We were excited, nervous, worried. Would the phone ring? Would anyone visit the website? Did anyone really need an ironing service?
Yes. They. Did.

Our first customer was across the road, then another one down the street. Soon we had a dozen customers, Louise was ironing a lot!

This is just the start. Our next post will follow us on the next stage: Panic.



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