To franchise or not to franchise…

Over the years we’ve toyed with the idea of franchising All Ironed Out. Our business model is ideally suited to franchising but we, as yet, haven’t gone down that route. There a number of reasons why:

  1. We want our business model to appeal to, and be as accessible to, as many people as possible. The costs of franchising would deter many people from working with us and we’ve tried to keep the startup costs to a minimum.

2. Other ironing services have attempted franchising and failed. We looked at these companies and found that although the franchise package seemed good, the actual business potential was to small to justify the franchise costs. Some companies were charging up to £13000 for a franchise!

Having said that, our thoughts are changing. To scale our business to become the market leader in the UK (and beyond), the franchise route seems to make more sense. Our current model of recruiting ironing agents has been a labour of love and profitability has been weaker than we expected. So, a major rethink is on the cards.

We are now¬†exploring the practicalities of franchising and we’ll be writing more posts as we progress through this journey.

If you would like to comment on this or if you have any experience in franchising a similar business, we’d love to hear from you.

To infinity and beyond…


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