It’s all about the service…

We have many regular clients, people who work long hours and need a helping hand with their ironing pile. When we hear comments like… “Fantastic service, wish I’d found you sooner…” “I love it, so easy to book and I look forward to handing over my ironing every week…” “Great service, such a great idea. Well done…” …it makes us

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The Masterplan

I thought it would be an idea to post about our ‘Masterplan’. We, like many small businesses, didn’t have a business plan when we first started out. The business sort of evolved out of an idea and went from there. However, as the years have gone by, we needed to create a plan – this business is our life now

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Onwards, upwards and… sideways

So, you’re in business and you sell products – its easy to ship to anywhere in the world and you can fulfil orders fast using a multitude of cost effective shipping methods. The customer gets the product they want, wherever they want it. But what about if you’re offering a service? How do you fulfil the needs of the customer

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